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Zhen Story

About Zhen - Cosmetics  for Asians and Women of Color

Zhen provides makeup for women with yellow and golden undertones.

The Zhen approach to Asian beauty is the use of yellow-based foundation and powder. Although many Asian women believe they need to wear pink makeup shades to counteract their natural skin tones, we have found that this creates a very unnatural, outdated look. Yellow-based products do not make Asian women look more yellow, but rather they produce a natural, flawless look that is modern and beautiful.

About Susan Yee – Founder/President

Susan Yee, founder and president of Zhen, Inc., was born into an entrepreneurial family in Columbus,
Ohio.  As a child, Yee spent many years working in her parents’ Chinese restaurant, which prepared her for her own destiny of becoming an entrepreneur, herself.

After one too many bad makeovers at the cosmetic counter and lots of frustration due to a lack of makeup appropriate for skin with yellow undertones, Yee and her five sisters decided to create a catalog cosmetics company that specifically addresses the needs of Asian women — an unfilled niche in the makeup marketplace.

Yee is seen as an expert in the industry and answers beauty questions for several magazines and websites. She has been featured in many business, fashion and general interest magazines, Including Forbes, Fortune, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and People Magazine and Time Asia.  She also appeared on CNN’s Entrepreneurs Only.

Zhen Philosophy

My fortune said “Create quality makeup for yellow undertones and skincare for sensitive skin at a reasonable price and women will come.” Our fortune is your fortune. My sisters and I started Zhen in 1994 in the kitchen of my home. We never imagined that years later we would be the leaders in the industry for cosmetics for Asian women. We never dreamed we would be featured in publications like People magazine. All we wanted was to create cosmetics for Asian women. We are living the American Dream.

I was thrilled when I found that there were many of you across the country and across the world who felt the same way. I have been fortunate to meet a number of you at our In-store events and love hearing your comments and suggestions.

My sisters and I rediscovered our Asian heritage along the way and will add this Asian flair to our catalog. It could be in the naming of a product after an Asian icon or the use of takeout boxes to remind us of the days working in our parent’s Chinese restaurant. We will suggest Yee Sisters favorites and our “ancient Chinese Secrets” for beauty tips. We hope that you see the humor and pride in both.

The Zhen color collection is especially chosen to work with the yellow undertones and in a neutral palette for everyday use. The skincare collection was developed for sensitive skin. As with all our products you can expect our high quality standard.

As our journey continues we will add more products and keep the tried and true. We may discontinue products as we research and develop new ones.

Sisters don’t lie. Our products are made with quality ingredients, dermatologist tested, and sensitivity tested, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and non-animal tested. We will continue to offer great service and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  

A Successful Career

As an expert in the industry, Yee answers beauty questions for several magazines and websites. She has appeared on CNN’s™ "Entrepreneurs Only", and featured in many business, fashion, and general interest magazines, including:

• Forbes™

• Fortune™

• Vogue™

• Elle™

• Marie Claire™

• People™ Magazine

• Time – Asia™ Edition


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